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    Personalization at low cost and small series?

    Now it is possible! The form consists of, among others with a replaceable part, thanks to which we can obtain various types of decorations within one and the same batch of the product. The packages have the same shape, but they differ in ornaments, which can be used in promotional campaigns, e.g. as special editions.

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    Fixed parameters – various packaging versions

    Maintain a consistent product brand perception and reduce costs! We adhere to the constant overall parameters of a proven packaging (i.e. weight, diameter, capacity or durability). However, each brand or product edition can now have unique, individual features – e.g. a logo or an engraving.

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    “Short series…
    Pay off!”

    Now you can use the engraver at a low cost, even in short-term marketing campaigns!

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    Szybsza produkcja
    = mniejsze koszty

    Oszczędzasz. Za personalizowane opakowania płacisz mniej niż do tej pory – dzięki wymiennej części formy, odpowiadającej za grawer. Takie rozwiązanie umożliwia wykorzystywanie tylko jednej formy w trakcie produkcji,
    co przyspiesza cały proces i zmniejsza koszty o co najmniej 50%.

Faster production = lower costs

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