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    Low production costs of small production runs

    We can produce for you small production runs. We offer attractive trade terms and conditions. Ask us for details.

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    Expertise and support in decision-making process

    From the idea to filling at customers’ lines we care for the highest quality of the product. We make sure that it meets the project assumptions, technical requirements to give you an optimal, tailored made product that you desire.

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    Product prototyping

    Before product implementation our experienced specialists make prototypes. This stage helps to fine-tune all details so that the customer is sure that he buys the product that they ordered.

Faster production = lower costs

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    Minimising market risk

    The possibility to produce a small production run means thaht the customer can safely test the product before they decide to launch a big market entry campaign. Thanks to that they can substantially minimise financial risk associated with new product launch.

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    Advanced original designs

    Even in the case of short runs we offer our customers the individual design option and variety of original shapes. We follow our customers’ preferences concerning shapes and sizes of packaging.

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    Individual closure types

    Short-production-run approach allows us to produce packaging with different closure types.

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    Combined production

    Our modern production lines make it possible to simultanously produce different products within one order. This is especially useful in the case of test runs and limited editions

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