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    In-house design studio

    Our designers make customers’ visions tanglible, turning them into real projects and product implementations. It is in this team where the rough sketches, final drawings, technical specification, visualisation in 2D and 3D, mock-ups, samples for marketing tests and finally mould designs are created.

  • Presa

    Emphasizing individual features of the product

    Do you want your product to stand out on a shelf? Through a tailor made packaging we will help you to present the features that define the brand strength, reflect its uniqness and pass a clear message. Together we will communicate the important issues and send out a marketing content that cannot stay unnoticed.

  • Presa

    Original design

    Packaging is one of the tools that build the brand awarness. That is why it is profitable to invest in individual design project. The project will differentiate you from your competitors, There is a vast array of options e.g. unusual shape, uncommon closing, or characteristic embossing.


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  • Presa

    Functional aspects

    We do not forget that the packaging must be funtional in the first place i.e. protect the content and present the product in an attractive way.

  • Presa


    We have capabilities to manufacture samples for tests and verificatioin of the project assumptions in variuos fields e.g. production assessment in the plant, transportation aspects, filling line issues. In this way we verify if the projects needs to be changed, modified so that the final result is fully satisfying.

Information about the EU projects
Certifications: HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22000